Monday, September 6, 2010

Ocamora • 8/13/10

I am the fish in the sky! I am one who is unusual. I am one who carries love, spreads love, is love. I believed what my mother did to me was because of me. How on earth can a 2 month old be wrong? Absolutely no way. No children are wrong. Wounds take time to recognize. Me rushing through life was my way to get away from the pain of the moment. Every pain is held in place until I pay attention. Now is the time Ocamora is the place. In the big field of tall grass. I am the flower who with stands all storms and is shaped accordingly. The mountains hold me. I am the electricity. I am the rain, the clouds, the earth, the sky. I am fishing along the path of light. Light heals, darkness wounds. I am one who's heart got wounded. Bring in the Divine and extract my wounded cells. I am afraid I will be too much light and get rejected again. Now my light is totally ok. I am deeply grateful for those who come for help turning their light on. I was afraid bashers would come. I am here to do God's job for me. How cool to be employed from the get go! Humbly being as big as I am, as broad as I am, as all as I am is what God gave me and nothing less. All is a great word as there is no measurement. Time to step up to the plate. An eating disorder was the wrong troth. If I know one thing, the way to resolve all is within. That's where the power is, that's where the light is. There is absolutely no judging a book by its cover. I don't know who I am, yippee. I do know what I am. I am love. I am a child of God. I am infinite. I am divine in nature. And I have tried and tried to reject all this. Has something to do with the NDE. Being light equals being a goner. Divine - of or pertaining to God, especially the supreme being. My right ear is hot. I wont listen. Don't tell me I am a supreme being. Why not? Too much responsibility. I am not alone. Oh, I've got all the help in the universe. Divine - address, appropriated, or devoted to God, sacred, worship. I am not there. I am not devoted to God. I am still devoted to my personality. I am one who needs to let go of my personality being in charge. Like my personality was all I had as a child. I was not at all consciously in touch with God. In a way I worshiped myself. What way? To get me through. To stay alive. Divine - proceeding from God. No time for me. I have to fit myself in around others in my schedule. Divine - God like, character of or befitting a deity. Divine magnanimity - very generous or forgiving, especially toward someone less powerful than oneself. I can do that. Freedom. Divine - heavenly, celestial. The divine kingdom is my body and all. Divine - informal, extremely good. Unusually lovely! I love the informal, that's me. Divine - being a God, being God, a divine person. I see the divine in others, must be in me. Divine - of superhuman or surpassing, excellence. Just is, no ego required. Divine - priest or member of clergy. Home God! Divine - a. God. b. the spiritual aspect of humans, the group of attributes and qualities of human kind regarded as godly or godlike. Divine is present. Divine - to discover or declare, something obscure or in the future, by divination, prophecy. Thats the part of being psychic I've said I don't do. So much for rejecting what is! Divine - to discover by means of a divining rod. My water came back while getting cranial sacral, 8/30/10. Divine - to perceive by intuition or insight, conjecture. I am one who is psychic, is divine. Only my mind rejects my divinity. Divine - to use or practice divination, prophesy. All is divine able. We're all Super Natural. I am one who has nothing over or under anyone else. Divinely. Divine healing - healing through the divine. The only way that has worked for me. Diviner - a person who divines. What a fun job description for me! Divine Mother - Hinduism. the creative, dynamic aspect of the Godhead, the consort or Shakti of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, Durga, Kali, Shakati. DivineHealing. DivineHealth. Divine Being. (playing with job descriptions!!) Anyway. Love, Love, Love. After the ecstasy, the laundry. What a divine morning. Thank you God. Thank God :) Now to work God goes with me. There is no separation, only my mind separates. Yippee, happy to go to work as God is with me.

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