Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take a Chance on Love • 8/4/10

I am one who took a chance on Love and Love is what I got. Yippee. Love is where the rubber hits the road! When I meet anything with love the result is Divine. Take my hand and follow me to Love. I am one who is gentle. Love is gentle. My shell is gone. My veil is gone. I am one who is centered in pure love. I am the egg that cracked open and my center is perfectly golden b/c my center is God. I am on who is through with all my former associations of God. Saying the word God, I smile. Religion isn't my thing, God sure is. Why not center in God? In Peace. In Gentleness. In Love. In Compassion. And reform myself from anything in the way. No need for a bulldozer, God will do! Peace is my path.
My engine for love started long, long. long ago. Way before I was even born. With God's help and all Gods helpers, I see the forest and the trees. I am one who is naturally like a flower. Sometimes in bloom, sometimes getting there. Sometimes just quietly, or loudly! hanging in there. Sometimes I am seen, sometimes I am not. I never know exactly what I will be like. I always have a choice. Love is the best choice. Love is the best medicine. There may seem like a chance or risk, in choosing Love. Yet, it is a given, love breeds love. Now how great is that. On the other hand fear is painFull. Aint' no fear in this SoulCollage® and that is where my body is headed.
With this ring, I thee wed, God. When I am wed with God, life is a breeze, so is my relationship with Norman :) So roll the Love dice, you will always end up with Love :)
My hand is in the hand of God, which is Love. My hand is in the hand of Love and is the hand of Love, I thank God. Touch my hand and feel love. I am one who loves to hold Norman's hand :)
How fortunate I am to see, feel, hear, touch, taste, smell, live God.
I am one who is done with the seven deadly sins. Greed, wrath, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, farewell old friends. Bye, bye, blew a kiss!! Freudian slip, I wrote gluttony twice. Gluttony was the dearest of the old friends. I am one who knows compulsive overeating kills me, kills my spirit. I am one who has a problem with waste and that is what I created inside of me. So interesting this awakening. I thought I could go on and on. I realize I am complete. I know what complete feels like, Heavenly. Love is completion. Love requires nothing tangibly. Love increases Love, the best bargain on earth! The more Love there is, The more Love there is. Love automatically expands Love, compulsion not required. Amen.

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