Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BeautyFull • 8/13/10

I am one who is beautiful, just like all is. I am one who is forthright, who is peaceful. The beads on my string have changed from abuse, anger, fear, pain, compulsion to a legacy of love, peace, joy and beauty. I am one who is a woman. I am one who has never been so beautiful and is about to be 50! I am one who is the rainbow of life, soaked in the purity of water. I am one who is adorned with the beauty that all Nature is, including human nature. I am one who wonders why live 'out there'? I am one who is free. I am one who is born again. I am one for whom the cycle of a fear based and all that manifests from fear, life is over. I am one who is an inspiration. I am one who is inspired. I am one who has my mind in a conscious place. I am one who has a positive, beautiful, patient mind. I am one who is 'being'. From being I grow. The content of the Bible is not important, sacredness is. I love you isn't all the way there. I love I is all the way. I am one who knows all the way and I am not there. What will it take to be all the way? Someone to hold the space. To hold the love, the energy for me. Where I can totally let go. Surrender not keep Holding On. Turn my life over to God, without the fear I'll die. So I am scared of dying after all, especially alone. Scared of dying permanently. I am terrified of even getting close to dying prematurely. Or to anything close to dying, loosing control, loosing me in charge, including the journeys at Ocamora. I am terrified of really letting God take over. Love take over. I am baptised in Love. Deep meditation is not dying. It is supposed to be one with God, mystery, growth, discovery. I got God now. Oh God is there for me. Of course I am. Of course God is. The only difference is form. Me nor anyone else would be alive without God. God is the essence of life. God is life. This is not the body dead or alive. This is me, my aliveness in life is God. I am full of God. I emit God. I am a child of God, Joni Mitchell. I am in the circle. I am the circle. I love circles. The universal symbol. Our home. Our house. I am a being of quiet. No holes barred. I am free. My bounds are over. Are over.

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