Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movin' On • 8/13/10

It is no mistake this collage is after 'Gentle'. With all that out in the open there is no stopping me now, until fear and pain are gone. I have forgiven Mom. My tool is no longer secrecy, hiding. I am one who's mother's mother died right after Mom was born. I am one who is nervous. I am one who had nervous family members. I am one who had a brother who took me under his wing. There is nothing, nothing, nothing I am more grateful for in my life. I am one who was in so much fear and pain, I went out there. As a child there was nothing else I could do. If it weren't for me my sister and brother may not have had it so bad? I am one who feels guilty. I am one who married late. Who is grateful for our marriage of relationship and love. I am one who wishes I could help my siblings. I am one who realizes I am judging them by saying that. The one I help is me. I am the glory of the deep blue beautiful water. Gushing at lightening speed with no measurement. I am one who sees the light. I am one who is solid as a rock. I am one who is growing and growing. I am one who is broad. I am one who is all one.

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