Friday, September 11, 2009

On The Web

Web presence for years, was met with resistance. And then boom, in 10 minutes I have a blog. Followed by my throat, stomach, and thymus coming to my attention. By instinct, I went with the thymus. Which lead me to the pituitary gland. Which lead to my belief, "what I feel wont be heard". Immediately carried out with my husband. All excited, I called, "I have a blog". No response. "Want to see it?" "I'm getting lunch." I felt irritated.
After a nap from the fatigue (disassociation) that also surfaced, I connected with the energy of all that is, (aka source, creator, divine, higher power, god), to balance my pituitary gland. Saw a rat. The key note of rat: success, restlessness, shrewdness. Which lead to googling retreat centers. Some people call this synchronicity. This is the way life works, staying present with and acting on what is.
Resources involved: ThetaHealing Disease and Disorder by Vianna Stibal. Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. Norman Mansson's love.
Before retiring for the evening I said to my husband, "I am deeply grateful we resolve our imbalances quickly." His response, "It's not a wall to go over, it's a door to go through."


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  2. Wow honey, I'm your first follower! -and your #1 supporter. I'm proud of you for taking this big first step baby! I love you.